The PVGs College education and research, Nashik Library was established in 2008. The mission of the library is to satisfy all the users by providing intellectual access to information.

The library has collection of text books, reference books, general book, journals and magazines. The total no. of books available in the library is 6057. Library has good collection of general reading books in Marathi and Hindi Languages. The Library has Auto lib Management Software.

The facilities available in library Internet, Circulation, Reading room with seating capacity 50 students.

Library Collection:

  1. Reference Books- 3405
  2. General Books- 1853
  3. Text books- 799
  4. Periodicals- International 2, National-4
  5. Electronic Resources- 33
  6. Online Resources- 46
  7. Newspapers- 3

Open access E-resources:




Marathi magazines:


Previous year question papers:

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